Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

Failand Plate 2022

Sunday 8th May 2022, White Tees, Bristol & Clifton

(95% handicap allowance)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Failand Plate. 

Nearest the Pin on 13 = Daniel Andrew

Nearest the Pin on 17 = Simon Hare

Twos Club Share = £95.00 per Two (6 winners)

Prize Vouchers for B&C winners will be added to their Pro Shop accounts.

Prize Vouchers for Visitors will be sent to home addresses where we have them, Home Clubs where we don't.

Prize Vouchers awarded for positions 1st through 6th.

Download Away Letter View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st Benedict Stephens(7) 64
2nd Neil Banfield(26)  Long Ashton Golf Club66
3rd Neil Luczynski(23)  The Bristol Golf Club66
4th Benjamin Collings(14) 68
5th Paul Mumford(10)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club68
6th Alex Maloney(19)  Monmouthshire Golf Club69
7th Lyndon Hore(12)  Long Ashton Golf Club70
8th Josh Jones(18)  Long Ashton Golf Club70
9th Andy Ball(7)  Long Ashton Golf Club70
10th Nigel Taylor(19)  Long Ashton Golf Club71
11th Mike Smith(18)  Long Ashton Golf Club71
12th Andy Carling(17)  Filton Golf Club72
13th Richard Westlake(16) 72
14th Robert Luscombe(14)  Honiton72
15th Jeff Pickering(8) 72
16th Derek Surgey(18)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club73
17th nick jones(12)  Downes Crediton73
18th Ian Davis(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club73
19th Nigel Bridgeman(15) 73
20th Ross Sandercock(12)  Came Down73
21st Paul Crowley(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club73
22nd Pierce Byrne(17)  Saltford Golf Club73
23rd Nigel Shaw(9)  Saltford Golf Club74
24th Micky Parker(6)  Long Ashton Golf Club74
25th Chris Alphonsus(14)  Long Ashton Golf Club74
26th Wayne Hardaker(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club74
27th Mark Jones(8)  Long Ashton Golf Club74
28th Timothy HARRISON(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
29th Bob Johns(17)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
30th Thomas Doherty(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
31st Vincent Johns(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
32nd Alan Powell(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
33rd Daniel Andrew(7) 75
34th Mark Hudson(11) 75
35th Richard Morrish(9)  The Kendleshire Golf Club75
36th Philip Dadd(11) 75
37th Jonty Giles(17)  Tall Pines Golf Club75
38th Ken Erskine(9)  West Wilts75
39th Philip Jones(16)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
40th Chris Brady(8)  The Kendleshire Golf Club75
41st Nick Wilson(8) 75
42nd Kevin Rivers(9)  The Bristol Golf Club76
43rd Steven Morris(12)  Mendip Golf Club76
44th Hugh Williams(17)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
45th Ian Povey(20)  Saltford Golf Club76
46th Sean Lewis(8)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
47th D S Gee(9)  West Wilts76
48th Robbie Wilson(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
49th Warren Purdue(12) 76
50th Michael Day(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
51st Mel Beaven(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
52nd Michael Boggia(16)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
53rd Nick Goy(11) 77
54th Richard A Gardiner(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club77
55th Tom Hurlstone(10) 77
56th Andy Hood(10)  Eaton Golf Club77
57th Clive Pulteney(9) 77
58th Don Glover(9) 77
59th Mark Webber(13) 77
60th Courtney Morris(9)  Tall Pines Golf Club77
61st Colin Wragg(13) 77
62nd Graham Edwards(12)  Eaton Golf Club78
63rd Keith Cross(25)  Eaton Golf Club78
64th Neil Holloway(12)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club78
65th Daniel Cole(20)  Long Ashton Golf Club78
66th Stuart Faulkner(17)  Long Ashton Golf Club78
67th Alex Champion(11) 78
68th Richard Evans(18)  Saltford Golf Club78
69th Rupert Maule(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club78
70th Billy Lanceley(13)  Tall Pines Golf Club78
71st Mark Dicks(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
72nd Michael Owen(16) 79
73rd Martin Orchard(21)  Mendip Spring Golf & Country Club79
74th Simon Beswick(17) 79
75th Marc Webb(10)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club79
76th Kevin Morris(8)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
77th Neil Ramsey(5)  Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club79
78th Jack Davies(10) 79
79th David Bernstein(27)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
80th Stuart Cogan(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
81st Michael Hatton(14)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
82nd H Cheeseright(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
83rd Ollie Gostlin(19)  Saltford Golf Club80
84th Olly Callaghan(6)  The Kendleshire Golf Club80
85th Michael Freeborough(10) 80
86th JOSH DOHERTY(19)  Tall Pines Golf Club80
87th Richard Cook(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
88th Lee Hazell(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
89th GEORGE MALLETT(15)  Tall Pines Golf Club81
90th Nicholas Sproull(14) 81
91st Warren Payne(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club81
92nd Marcus Cryer(20) 81
93rd Mark Colling(10) 81
94th MARCUS CAPLE(9)  Tall Pines Golf Club81
95th Daniel Keen(21) 81
96th Steven James(12) 81
97th MATTHEW COOK(11)  Saltford Golf Club81
98th Doug Cecil(12)  Long Ashton Golf Club81
99th Steven Webb(12)  Long Ashton Golf Club81
100th Ian Greenfield(17)  Eaton Golf Club82
101st Ross Perrett(7)  The Kendleshire Golf Club82
102nd David Bussey(10)  Eaton Golf Club82
103rd Paul O'Hara(13)  Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club83
104th Tony Bunn(11)  Eaton Golf Club83
105th Benjamin Jones(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
106th Paul Fowler(14)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
107th Paul Murphy(15) 83
108th Tim Jones(20)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
109th Adrian Foxford(20)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
110th D J Pinnell(10)  West Wilts83
111th Simon Madden(11)  The Bristol Golf Club83
112th James Rugg(15) 84
113th Garreth Wilson(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club84
114th James Clear(8) 84
115th Simon Hare(14)  Mendip Golf Club84
116th Martin Parish(19) 85
117th Ed Maule(14)  Long Ashton Golf Club85
118th Rhys Shaw(14) 86
119th Lewis Beer(21)  The Bristol Golf Club87
120th Paul Dunne(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club88
121st Jonathan Parish(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club88
122nd Adam Darnley(10)  The Kendleshire Golf Club90
123rd Christopher Taylor(9)  Eaton Golf Club90
124th Dominic Hammond(13)  Ogbourne Downs90
125th Neil Turner(14)  The Players Club Golf Club91
126th Peter Johns(12)  Eaton Golf Club91
127th MAX JONES(24)  Tall Pines Golf Club97
128th Harry Lanceley(11)  Long Ashton Golf ClubNR
129th Paul Walker(10)  Came DownNR
130th Nigel Cheeseright(10) NR
131st Joe Collins(8) NR
132nd neil thomas(10)  Long Ashton Golf ClubNR
133rd David Sedgwick(17) NR
134th Benjamin Jones(10) NR
135th John Edwards(13) NR
136th J Sandell(9)  Saltford Golf ClubNR
137th Michael Innes(24) NR

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